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Participants will appreciate the role of Jewish people in contributing to the construction of an inclusive Europe and be motivated to exercise skills that prevent and confront anti-Semitism and prejudice against Jews.

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This award-winning training module (The European Commission's Adult Education Grundtvid Programme Gold Award) seeks to develop an understanding that Jewish identity has diverse expressions. The Jewish people have always had to find a balance between their specific religio-cultural belonging and their other identifications (national, ethnic, linguistic, etc.). As such, there is a long collective experience of grappling with a multifaceted identity without diminishing the identity of another.

Through this training programme, participants will appreciate the role of Jewish people in contributing to the construction of inclusive communities and thus be motivated to exercise skills and strategies that prevent and confront prejudice, antisemitism, and hatred against Jews.


  1. Increase awareness of antisemitism
  2. To improve understanding about Jews and Judaism
  3. To explore the role and contribution of Jewish communities and culture to society
  4. To develop individual skills and strategies for recognising and confronting stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, social exclusion and antisemitism
  5. To encourage people and institutions to work together and share responsibility for addressing antisemitism


It is intended that attendees will:

  1. Recognise the diversity of Jews and Jewish communities
  2. Increase awareness about Jewish people, culture and religion
  3. Be better placed to identify all forms of antisemitism, as well as understand the similarities and differences with other forms of discrimination such as racism
  4. Explore the causes and effects of antisemitism on individuals, communities and wider society
  5. Feel more confident to discuss emotive and sensitive issues
  6. Engage with new perspectives
  7. Be more likely to take a stand and develop actions that prevent and confront antisemitism

Please contact us on [email protected] to enquire about this workshop.

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