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This training programme equips participants to recognise, understand and tackle Islamophobia and other forms of anti-Muslim hatred, and explore the positive contributions of Muslim communities to society.

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All forms of discrimination and prejudice are both unnecessary and unwanted in any modern society. Because of the growing prejudice, discrimination and hatred that is being directed towards Muslims and their communities, ‘Islamophobia’ and all other forms of anti-Muslim and anti-Islamic phenomena must be taken seriously.

Islamophobia is not just a problem for Muslims themselves. Prejudice, discrimination and hatred is a concern for all in society. This training takes this view as its start-point to stimulate thinking, raise awareness of hatred against Muslims and its different manifestations and improve positive understanding of the diversity that exists in society today.

This award-winning training module (The European Commission's Adult Education Grundtvid Programme Gold Award) seeks to:

  1. Increase understanding of islamophobia and other forms of anti-Muslim discrimination and hatred.
  2. Improve understanding about Muslims and Islam.
  3. Explore the role and contribution of Muslim communities and culture to society.
  4. Develop individual skills and strategies for recognising and confronting stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, social exclusion and islamophobia.
  5. Encourage people and institutions to work together and share responsibility for addressing islamophobia.

Please contact us on [email protected] to enquire about this workshop.

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