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In light of the tragedy that has taken place in Manchester the Multi-Faith Centre would like to offer our sympathies to all those affected.

Times such as this can be saddening and confusing. It is on these occasions that we should strive towards unity and care for one another. Below Qazi Abdul Mateen al-Azhari and The Rt Revd Jan McFarlane Bishop of Repton offer their thoughts in regards to the incident in Manchester.

"I was saddened to hear another cowardly and inhumane act and conspiracy to disrupt the unity and harmony of our multi cultural and multi faith society. communities need to stand together to defeat these conspiracies. We express our deepest condolences to the victims and extend our sincere sympathies to those who were injured and their families." – Qazi Abdul Mateen al-Azhari

"Words are inadequate to describe the depravity of the actions of those who seek to take the lives of innocent people, and especially when they target a gathering of young people. Prayers are being offered at Derby Cathedral and churches across Derbyshire for the bereaved, the injured, the traumatised and also the emergency services and medical staff. Sometimes when we don't know what to do or say, lighting a candle and sitting quietly in a place where prayer has been offered for centuries can help. And each one of us can respond to this horror by resolving to work as hard as we can to build communities which will oppose strongly those who wish to divide us." – The Rt Revd Jan McFarlane, Bishop of Repton

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