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Together the Multi-Faith Centre and the Open Centre in Derby have over 50 years experience in promoting understanding between different communities and raising awareness of different faiths and cultures.

The Open Centre supports hundreds of school children each year to visit places of worship. The Multi-Faith Centre, the first Centre of its kind in Europe, has developed wideranging and award winning training exploring Religious Diversity.

We have joined together to provide schools with an opportunity to explore the importance of religious literacy to student development and how best our organisations can support schools.

This full day conference will include:

  • 1 hour long religion and culture experiential session with the Open Centre.
  • 1 hour long critical exploration of religion in contemporary UK with the Multi-Faith Centre. Both sessions will involve general awareness raising activities.
  • Guest speaker: Emeritus Professor Brian Gates, head of the department of Religion and Ethics at St Martin's College/University of Cumbria. Professor Gates is author of ‘Transforming Religious Education: Beliefs and values under scrutiny (2007) as well as the autobiographical reflection ''Doing God' in ethics and education: a play in five acts' in the Journal of Moral Education’ (2011). Professor Gates has been the Chairman of RE Council of England & Wales in 1984-90 and 2002-11. He has taught at the department of Religion and Ethics for over 30 years.For the conference Professor Gates will be presenting on the topic of the necessity for Religious Education in todays schools, in assisting our students to develop as well rounded, positive citizens as well as contributing to more cohesive and harmonious communities.
  • A discussion and planning session based on the principles of Open Space Technology that will allow for participants to generate ideas and work together to set a schema for the future of Religious Education within their schools, Derby, Derbyshire and possibly further afield.

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