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Our Vision

Our vision is a society where the diversity, expertise and richness of faith communities actively contributes to the building of safe, healthy and cohesive communities throughout Derbyshire.

The Multi Faith Centre encourages and facilitates dialogue, co-operation, mutual respect and understanding between people from different faith communities and civil society, who by coming together aim to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable people living in Derbyshire.

To achieve this we focus on four key objectives:

  1. CREATE AN INFRASTRUCTURE Produce a platform for the faith sector to come together to act strategically and maximise their impact.
  2. FACILITATE COMMUNICATION Create safe spaces for faith groups to hold conversations on social and community issues common to everyone.
  3. NURTURE COLLABORATION Encourage faith groups to join together and then create partnerships with local authorities and key agencies.
  4. PROMOTE CELEBRATION Shine a light on good news stories around the positive contribution faith communities make to our society.
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The Multi-Faith Centre was founded as a registered UK charity in 2001 to build respect between people across different faiths and cultures. Since we opened, we have created a strong network of contacts in faith communities and with key public and voluntary organisations and developed a range of training and community projects with these partners.

More recently, the Centre has recognised that it can play an important role as a connecting bridge between faith communities and civic society. It is an opportunity for the Centre to use its existing network and experience to forge a stronger strategic purpose and have a wider positive impact on local communities.

Our Achievements

  • Creating Europe’s first purpose-built Multi-Faith Centre through shared endeavour
  • Developing award-winning training offers
  • Working closely with the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and communities across Derbyshire to support victims of race and religious hate crime
  • Engaging in community cohesion initiatives (refugees, young people in Pear Tree area)
  • Supporting the University of Derby and their Chaplaincy
  • Launching the Roma Community Care project, offering support to Eastern European Roma

See our projects page below for more information.

Our Projects
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We want to hear from you!

To find out more about our activities, events and projects, reach out to us below.