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This symposium will explore how disability and inclusion are framed within the 6 major world religions.


The speakers will discuss areas such as how disability and inclusion are represented in each holy book, scriptures, and teachings, and how the intersections of faith and disability resolve themselves at a practical level in the 21st century.


1. To critically explore how disability and inclusion are framed within the scriptures and teachings of the major world religions.

2. To understand the tensions between culture and religion, how the two intersect.

3. To explore spiritual needs of people with disability and how they can be supported education and other settings.

Who is the Disability faith and Inclusion Symposium for?

Our 2023 Disability Faith and Inclusion Symposium will be packed full of insights, ideas and practical suggestions, brilliantly suited for:

• Anyone working in the research field.

• Anyone interested in entering the research field.

• Those who work in or advocate for disability, faith, and inclusion.

• Teachers, educators, and social activists

Speakers include:

  • Dr Geraldene Codina University of Derby
  • Dr Brenda Caldwell Philips (Buddhist Speaker)
  • Lynda Herbert (Christian Speaker)
  • Hindu Speaker ( Prof Nawal Prinja )
  • Professor Nawal Prinja ( Hindu Speaker)
  • Dr Ali Akbar (Muslim Speaker)
  • Rabbi Gili Zidhiyah, Jewish Speaker
  • Dr Hardial Singh Dhillon (Sikhi Speaker)
  • Dr Jo Bishton, Head of Equality Diversity Inclusion & Wellbeing
  • Wendy Conard ( Facilitator)

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